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Our Story

The Farm at Mill Run is owned and operated by The Burns Family - Shawn, Laurel, and their two children, Nathan and Elizabeth (Ellie).

The property we live on and farm has been in Laurel's family since the mid 1960s when her grandfather bought it. Genealogical research shows that prior to that change in ownership, the property was owned by a part of her extended family - meaning that Nathan and Ellie are the 5th or 6th generation to live here. Farming has been carried out here in one form or another for decades. We greatly appreciate our roots and are honored to be able to preserve the heritage of this land.

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Our Name

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In the mid 1980s, Laurel's father worked this land under the name "Mill Run Tree Farm". He planted dozens of fruit trees, over 125 blueberry bushes, and many Christmas trees, along with tending the family garden. He also was an active beekeeper, using the bees to pollinate his various plantings and then selling the honey both here at the farm and at local grocery stores. As a nod to his hard work, which we are simply expanding upon, we have named the farm and our business, "The Farm at Mill Run".

Yes, there truly is a "Mill Run"! There is an unnamed creek running through through our land that once fed a mill. The foundation still stands up on our hillside right along the creek. It is a picturesque scene at any time of year, with the moss covered rocks and bubbling water.

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